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Currently all Artinfuser Studio servers are in maintenance mode. I did not get enough patrons to continue supporting rendering music in this project.

Getting started with performing music

Step 1 - Sign up

Sign up to upload files.

Step 2 - Upload your MIDI file

MIDI file can be exported from your notation editor. To save your time, read carefully how to export correct MIDI file from Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore. You can use Artinfuser Studio Sibelius Plugin to export MIDI file with a push of a button.

Step 3 - Set options

Artinfuser Studio will detect instrument names from your MIDI file and will match them to the best available virtual instrument for the performance. You can change them if needed. Read recommendations for best results.

Step 4 - Process

Click "Process" button. After some time you will get MP3 of your performance.

Step 5 - Adjust the parameters for better results and process again

General parameters of the uploaded file and parameters of instruments can be adjusted to fine tune the Artinfuser Studio algorithms and get better results. For example, user can adjust volume, dynamic range or reverb for each instruments of MIDI file. Read algorithms description.

Do not forget to process file again every time you want to listen to the result of changing parameters. If processing takes too long, you can optimize processing speed (see recommendations).