Instrument position

Every instrument has a default position on stage in Artinfuser Studio. You can mirror instrument position by inverting its default panning from left to right and vice versa in multitrack player (Parts tab). You can move instruments forward and backward using by changing "Reverb" percent for the whole track or for each instrument separately.

Default instruments position on stage in Artinfuser Studio:

If there are multiple monophonic instruments of the same type (e.g. multiple violins) in one file, they will be sent to separate stages. Stages indexing starts with 0: first stage is 0, second stage is 1 and so on. When automatic panning distribution is enabled for file, each stage with odd indexes (1, 3, 5, etc.) will get panning of all its instruments inverted. For example, if you have two horns in a file, the first horn will go to stage 0 and will be panned to the left by default. The second horn will go to stage 1 and will be panned to the right by default. Such an approach decreases risk of unwanted interference between same instruments and enriches stereo image.