Volume and dynamics

The most important volume problem happens if some voice cannot be heard because it is being covered by other voices. To achieve volume balance between voices you can use the following options:

  • Change dynamics in source file - will require to upload changed file, but will allow you the most flexibility in controlling dynamics.
  • Increase or decrease volume of the whole instrument - in multitrack player (Parts tab)
  • Increase or decrease dynamics of the whole instrument - in instrument options
  • Increase or decrease dynamics or volume of particular articulations (staccato, pizzicato, tremolo) of the whole instrument - in instrument options. Pay attention to 'attenuation' and 'dyn range' parameters to achieve this.

Changing dynamics sounds like a musician starts to play softer or louder. Changing volume sounds like instrument moves closer or farther from the listener. You can use multitrack player (Parts tab) to change staff volumes in real time and hear the change - as soon as you processed file at least once.