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Getting started with counterpoint analysis

Step 1 - Write counterpoint exercise

There are several ways to write a counterpoint exercise:

  1. Choose cantus firmus and arrangement in Counterpoint exercise builder, then input notes or download exercise
  2. Start from scratch: click "New", input cantus firmus and then counterpoint parts manually.
  3. Upload your counterpoint exercise created in a different notations software in MusicXML format.

Read which types of counterpoint can be analysed.

Step 2 - Counterpoint species

Please check that counterpoint species was detected correctly for each part (shown in part name) or choose species manually by clicking part name.

Step 3 - Correct

If you see mistakes, try to correct them by dragging notes or clicking on them and inputting new notes.

Step 4 - Playback

You can also get an MP3 performance with virtual instruments by clicking "Play HQ". If you need more control over virtual instruments selection and tuning, upload a MIDI file to Artinfuser Studio.