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Uploaded: 2018-01-27 23:10:10 by Alexey Arkhipenko
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      1. Violin I0ViolinArco0:230%
      2. Violin II1ViolinArco1:230%
      3. Viola2ViolaArco0:330%
      4. Violoncello3CelloArco0:430%
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      Multitrack: 0:00

      1. Violin I (Violin/Arco)
      S M       Pan: L R      
      2. Violin II (Violin/Arco)
      S M       Pan: L R      
      3. Viola (Viola/Arco)
      S M       Pan: L R      
      4. Violoncello (Cello/Arco)
      S M       Pan: L R      

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