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Try our online exercise editor with integrated counterpoint analysis.

Currently all Artinfuser Counterpoint servers are in maintenance mode. I did not get enough patrons to continue supporting rendering music in this project.

Getting started with counterpoint analysis

Step 1 - Sign up

Sign up to upload files.

Step 2 - Upload your counterpoint exercise

Upload each exercise in a separate MusicXML file. MusicXML file can be exported from your notation editor. When uploading music in MusicXML format, you will also get a performance with virtual instruments. If you need more control over virtual instruments selection and tuning, upload a MIDI file to Artinfuser Studio. Read which types of counterpoint can be analysed.

Step 3 - Set options

Please check that counterpoint species was detected correctly for each part. Other settings are optional. You can choose between performance on piano and with different instrument groups.

Step 4 - Process

Click "Process" button. You will get MP3 and PDF with analysis.

Step 5 - Adjust the parameters for better results and process again

You can change settings and process again if you need.