Getting started with correcting music

Step 1 - Sign up

Sign up to gain access to music correction algorithms.

Step 2 - Choose music correction algorithm

Artinfuser Algo can correct a single voice melody (cantus firmus) or 2-voice counterpoint.

When uploading your music for correction, please read carefully what music can be analysed and corrected in docs.

Step 3 - Set options

Each algorithm has different settings that you can tweak. See description of algorithms in docs.

Step 4 - Process

Click "Process" button. You will get MIDI and PDF with analysis. You will also get MP3 file with performance of generated music with virtual instruments. If you need more control over virtual instruments selection and tuning, upload a MIDI file to Artinfuser Studio.

Step 5 - Adjust the parameters for better results and process again

You can change settings and process again if you need.